This is an authentic
1800's barn.
It was built between
1866 and 1898
on an pathway
between the Old
Gris Mill and Main St.
The pathway was later
named Mallery St.
The Barn is
at 8 Mallery St.
in Corinth, NY.

We have renovated it
into a very unique
Soft Ice Cream Shop, Eatery

The original barn floors
have been clear-coated,
bringing out the
beautiful grains.

The interior walls
are beautiful old woods
which have been salvaged from
some other historic buildings in
our village.

The original horse stall
has the original split doors,
hinges and hand
whittled closures.
It is decorated with
an old saddle and other
antique horse items.

The BARN's
decor is
antiques and more
antiques,... come see if you can
tell what they
are,.. everything from
a butter churn
to log hooks.

You can
,.. read below for
or go directly to
We have locally made
Gifts & Souvenirs.

We also have a
~ HOT DOG / quick foods SHOP
in the barn!
Enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee, tea, or
hot chocolate!

HOT DOGS, Chili, Nachos,
Healthy French Fries !
Fried Cauliflower, Fried Green Beans
Mozzarella Sticks,
Fried Mac n Cheese
Jalapeno Poppers,
Large Pretzels,

All are Fried in Soy Oil
0 transfat / 0 Cholesterol
We have inside & outside seating,...

We have special
summer evening events and we will
stay open later on those evenings.

We CLOSE in mid-October &
Re-Open in mid-April
518-654-9350 or 518-654-8131
It's not just ice cream!
Along with cones,
sundaes, milkshakes, flurries
& banana splits,
we also have
Real Fruit Smoothies,
that are lactose free!
Our Iced Coffee &
Icy cold Barn Blend!

Local well-known
Folk/Primitive artist
Clara Mae Towers-Orto
has allowed us to be
the exclusive outlet
for her art prints.
Each print comes with
a copy of the story
about that print.
Come see
"The Clara Mae Room".
WHAT'S UPSTAIRS in the barn ?
The upstairs of the barn is a wonderful, rustic rental.
3 Bedrooms & 2 Bathrooms
Its "Inn the Barn"
Check the website:
AND,... there are More Fully Furnished  Rentals on the Premises:
We call this one"T
he Homestead Rental",...
it's in the homestead building,... it's also a wonderful rustic rental.
This rental has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.
See   it   by   Clicking   Here !

AND  We also have a 1 bedroom furnished apartment,  full bath, double bed,
available seasonally OR Long-Term..
Studio 8
is a full
hair care
They offer
your hair
cuts,  wash &
sets, colorings,
perms, up

WHAT about the "Rest of the Property" ?
OUR PROGRESS at THE BARN (over the years)
In 2007, we built a covered deck that gives you a place in the shade on the hot, sunny days,... and also provides dry, outdoor seating  on the rainy days (&
nights).  During the summer, we light the torches around 8 pm each night,... come see how  beautiful the sky looks as the sun sets behind The Barn !
* 2007's NEWEST ADDITION:  Our Cupola is on The Barn roof!  Watch for the light at night
Craig did a great job building it and mounting the copper horse weathervane up top!
* 2008's NEWSET ADDITION: "Live Music" on the deck: We hosted several local musical groups.
They delighted the crowds with their incredible music!  They have been continued into the Summer  & Fall of 2009!
* 2009's NEWEST ADDITION:  The "other side" of the barn is  finished.  It's very unique,... we have custom booth seating that we built with distressed
hemlock and some reclaimed wood from the collasped "old Dayton sawmill's" frame. In this room: we have a great "Quilt Wall", an old working, Wurlitzer
Juke Box,, an Antique Ice Box, a Kitchen Hoosier cabinet, and lots of antique  tools decorate the walls,... come see if you can identify what they are.
*2010'S NEWEST ADDITION:  In 2010 we expanded our Music Events,... we had Live Music EVERY WEDNESDAY & EVERY SATURDAY (as well as a
couple of Sundays afternoon concerts).  Because of the great response, we will do the same in 2011 !!  We met many new musicians this year,...  our OPEN
Mic nights were , once again, a huge success,.. many thanks to our "Barn Boys": Bob, Jay, Steve & Rudy for running them !  We added more seating in the  
east side (carport area) of The Barn and re-arranged the indoor seating to better accommodate our guests.  We also added Healthy Fried Food to our
menu,..perfect food during our concerts !
On the personal side,.. our greatest addition in 2010 is our first Grandchild, Maci Lynn Longacre, born on August 7. Before you know it,...
we'll have her in a red Barn Tee Shirt working behind the counter!  We are looking forward to another great season in 2011 ! !
*** June 2011: We have just put the frame up for our new canopy, it's now 40 feet long,... lots of room for covered seating.
WAIT til you see what else is new this year: some more concrete farm animals will be arriving soon,... the kids love  them,...
and they are great for photo taking too,... great memories of your visit to The BARN.
The Mural Painting has begun, across the parking lot,... it already looks impressive, and they just start 5 days ago !
***2012 We have more new and exciting changes at THE BARN,... FIRST, as promised, to our band members,... we will be
expanding the "stage" area !
OK,... it's 2012: INSIDE,....We now have another Double Soft Ice cream machine, so we will always also
have A Dole Whip (lactose Free, Fat Free) and A Frozen Yogurt !
AND, because of our new equiptment, we have expanded our ice cream / kitchen area,..... which will result in us eliminating SOME of the
handcrafted items, but we will still have a great selection!  Before June, we will have the stage area expanded for the Music Nights.
YES,...we got the new stage area completed before the first music event !
It has worked out wonderfully,... the musicians love it and that's what matters :)becait has becuse
We brought some new entertainers in this year,... EVERYONE loved all of the bands that played here this year !
We are going to try to add some new fall events,... starting with our Fall Line dancing on October 19th (6-9p),...we are also hoping to have a few
"Around the Campfire" cook-outs, and maybe weekly Spaghetti or Lasagna Dinner Nights.

The 2013 Season has begun,... what a great start,... fantastic weather   here in early April !
This year we are adding a few new items to our menu: Stuffed Soft Pretzels & Belgiun Waffles.
We had already booked all performers for the Summer Season by March,... music nights start June 1st.
Some of our planned improvements here this year are:  installing clear corrugated panels on the east side of the "side-port", this will hnd and help keep
the wind, rain and snow from blowing in.  We plan on putting a nice wide awning across the top of the order & pick-up windows to keep
rain off our patrons who are at the windows.
ANOTHER change will be moving the entrance to our parking lot.
The entrance will be moved easterly about 30 feet to get the thru traffic away from THE BARN ..making it safer and more pleasant for
the families that sit here while enjoying their ice cream, and for our concert audiences.
Our 2014 SEASON is here! After a very Long, Hard Winter,... we are on track to a great season,... we had planned on cutting back on some of the
entertainment, just because of the cost,.... however we are putting our faith in the public helping to support the costs of the bands.,... so we have booked
more entertainment than ever before, we have 37 music nights the season ! (13 wednesdays, 11 Fridays and 13 Saturdays ).
We have built a new roof/awning across the front to provide cover from the rain & sun while placing orders at the front window!  We have replaced all of
the fence posts in the parking lot and added 2 wonderful RANCH-STYLE  ENTRANCES into the parking lot,... Craig did a great job on them ! We have
added another ice cream machine, so we can now offer 2 New ice cream flavors. and change them weekly !
Any Questions?   Call 518-654-8131 / 518-654-9350
During the Summer & Fall,
We  have Live Musical entertainment,... Free to the public!
Beginning in JUNE, Every Wednesday evening is OPEN MIC NIGHT,
6-8 pm.
(it's country, bluegrass, folk, oldies genre, .. if you'd like to perform, just come 20 mins. early to sign in,..
you can perform alone or with our "regulars".)
Live Music 2 oe 3 times a week!  Click here for the 2014 Music Schedule
These events are "bring your own chairs", we have some chairs available but not
enough for all.
The entertainers will be protected from the weather, on our expanded covered stage
area and we provide some canopy coverage
for the audience.
*Dress for the temperatures, and wear bug repellent,....
Don't bring your own food or drink,...
... we have them for sale on premises,..others are not permitted.
8 MALLERY ST., CORINTH, NY 12822         518-654-9350 / 518-654-8131
In 2015, We Re-Open May 1st. (See Facebook/CorinthBarn for May hours) Then FULL-TIME Hours start in June.
CLICK HERE for 2015 Summer Music Schedule