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Restaurants / Cafe's:
   Golden Dragon, Maple Street, Corinth, NY
  The BARN,   8 Mallery Street, Corinth, NY
Soul Sisters, Main Street, Corinth, NY
    Village Tavern, Palmer Ave., Corinth, NY
Dessert's / Ice Cream / Pastry
   The Barn
8 Mallery St.

Corinth 654-9350

Pizza / Italian:
Amore's, Upper Main Street, Corinth, NY 12822
518- 654-9991

   Rocco's, Main Street, Corinth, NY 12822

518- 654-2999

Subs / Soups:
   Subway,  Main Street, Corinth, NY
   Biscuit's Bakery: Oak St., Corinth: Now serving Breakfast &